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Myths about world creation

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.
And   the   evening   and   the   morning   were   the   sixth   day."

[Genesis, 1:31]

Modern astrophysics is obliged its conventional believing in finality of the Universe and creation of matter to ecumenic, judaic myths, which have come in subconsciousness of man of western culture. Therefore western man easily trusts in myths of SRT and GTR, "Big Bang" and relict nature CMB, "black holes" and "dark matter", "axes of evil" and other heresy. Sometimes the people do not reflect that all of it is absurdity, though in 1748 great Russian scientist Michael Lomonosov has formulated and experimentally proved the law of preservation of matter.

The myth of Special Relativity Theory, SRT has arisen owing to this adherence of western man to the world closed in space and time. When relativists Henri Poincare and Albert Einstein have announced that the world is in essence closed inside speeds, which are not exceeding speed of light, and invisible "out-of-line" aether does not exist, western public has accepted this myth easily, give in violation of:

The myth of the general theory of relativity", GTR has gone further away, forming new lie on the false basis of SRT:

For the believer in "gravilenzing" let's note that it is observed not there, where it is necessary according GTR, at the eclipsed binaries, but only in metagalactic scales, where is not a sphere of action of gravitation that is not the sphere of GTR. For understanding let's bring following analogy. The force of surface tension is observed in a scale of drops of liquid, and marine tides are obsersed in planetary scale, therefore to speak about surface tension, as a cause of marine tides is cheeting or nonsense.

Analyzing relativistic myth about "Big Bang", it is possible to see several absurdity at once.

First, this violation of causality principle, when the universe arises from anything, and Space and matter are created at once.

Secondly, it is mythic expansion of the Universe contradicting to the facts and logic. Concerning what the Universe expands? Where is a bench mark of expansion? Why the insignificant Earth is the center of expansion? As Dr Arp correctly writes, the redshift is not connected to expansion of the Space or "escaping" of galaxies.

In third, in the really observable part of the Universe we see objects whichs are older than age of "Big Bang", for example, galactic superclusters. Whence they have appeared? It is easier to set a question: where is a cheater composing cock-and-bull stories about "Big Bang"?

Myth about relict origin of cosmic microwave background (CMB) as a residual phenomenon "Big Bang" and CMB discovering are impudent propaganda of relativists. Unfortunately, the lack of education and overabundance of relativistic propaganda do not allow to astrophysicists to understand a very simple thing. Actually cosmic microwave background is the emission of Space that is aether blackbody emission. It is not today's news, it is not news of 1965, when under the false version of relativists, Penzias and Wilson have discovered CMB.

CMB was theoretically predicted in the beginning of 20-th century by classics of physics Dmitri Mendeleyev, Walter Nernst and others, and it is experimentally measured with high accuracy by Prof. Erich Regener in 1933 (Stuttgart, Germany). His result 2.8ºK does not differ from modern value. For detailed information please read magnificent scientific - historical paper of Dr Andre Assis [26].

Ii is sad that the mythology around CMB continues to blossom in diehard colour until now. An example of that is a lavish glory around of Sunyaev-Zeldovich myth asserted phenomenon of interaction of high-energy emision of galaxies with CMB photons. The real nature of observing effect is Reyghly dissipation of emission on particles of aether causing to its heating and, hence, to shift of black-body emission of aether. The academicians forget that CMB is not object, but only process of heat emission of some object. They do not want to see the object itself, the aether, as differently the false essence their relativistic pseido-science will be visible at once.

In modern relativistic mythology it is fashionable to speak about origin of the matter in "black holes", so this ghosts have taken the first places on popularity in the astrophysical papers strongly. Dr H. Arp has shown on particular examples that "black holes" are myth. He having noticed in all observable cases the substitution of quasars by mythical black holes. It is absolutely easy to show that "black holes" can not exist conceptually. The exposure of this myth is stated in section "Myth about black holes". Naturally, with a myth of "black holes" the affiliated myths, including a myth about origin the matter in it fly to a garbage basket.

Really, as it was established by M. Lomonosov, the matter is increatable and undestroyable. For clear imagine the processes occurring with the matter in the Universe, it is necessary to know about kinds of the matter. Since the modern physics basing on relativistic mythology, and astrophysics affording reasoning about "black holes" and "dark matter", are far from a reality, the author should state his position in this problem.

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