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Myth about black holes

When релятивисты consider(examine) strong gravitational fields, they overlook(forget) that limiting(marginal) gravitational potential is the square of speed of light, and it(he) can be never overcome, even in the not inconsistent relativistic theory.

Really, at flight in rather weak gravitational fields, what create the Earth and Sun, light tests(experiences) only weak gravitational change of frequencies appropriate to a difference of gravitational potentials of points of radiation and a method(reception,acceptance). Here we can record


Where - gravitational potential on a surface of a celestial body, і - gravitational constant, M - weight of a celestial body, R - his(its) radius; f 0 - Frequency of light on a surface of radiation, f - frequency of the same quantum at a method(reception,acceptance) removed from a celestial body.

The validity of expressions (6) is checked up repeatedly, including series of experiments similar to experiment Паунда - Ребки and measurement of displacement фраунгоферовых of lines on a dial of the Sun. If we shall accept(take) reasonable position concluding that вс ё material consists of a matter (ether), that is is only its(her) part, and to the matter there corresponds(meets) everywhere constant and maximum in relation to its(her) parts - various формациям, gravitational potential c 2 , That attitude(relation) of potentials in (6) should be inevitable less than 1.

Really, we shall record definition Z

Z = (f 0 - f) /f

From here and from (6) is received


Ж/c 2 = (Z -1 + 1) -1 < 1

Impossibility " of black holes " and senselessness " of radius Шварцшильда " from here is clear. Light even should leave the strongest gravitational fields, having lost only part of energy on overcoming of gravitational potential. That is for the observer located far from a massive celestial body, light released from a surface of this body, will have red displacement unequivocally dependent on the attitude(relation) M/R (see a fig. 10.)

Ж = іM/R = іБ4АR 2 /3 = іБS/3

Where - mean density of a celestial body; S - area of surface of a body.

Fig. 10. Communication(connection) between gravitational potential and gravitational Z.

At the same time in each third article on an astrophysics is written about black holes in centers of galaxies other places. Alive классик astrophysicses Dr Арп has shown, that in all cases, when the speech goes about real objects, instead of speculative reasoning about " black holes ", these objects are identified as квазары.

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