Valery V. PETROV

Engineer, member of the Optic Society of America (OSA)
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  Valeri V. PETROV

Was born in 1940. High educated. Finihed Shipbuildering Institute of Nikolayevo in 1969 . Speciality is technology of machine-building industry. Last 30 years he worked in Scientific Research Institute, occupied by creation of automatizated control system for industrial enterprises. Retired in 2000 been vice-chief of department.

Busy by the Theory of Relativity, its experimental basis, since 1973. At present time I am retiree.

I have studied all available me material, found in libraries of Nikolaev-city, on the grounds of which came to conclusion that theory of relativity does not correspond to any known experiments (except the experiments with particles, moving in strong electromagnetic field, where increasing of its mass not fit to that theory)

I have written several article about this problem.

Published articles

Alternative Cosmology (Sept. 30, 2007)

A question about finiteness or infiniteness of the Universe has a great importance in cosmology.

The Main Michelson's Mistake (December 10, 2003, edited Sept. 30, 2007)

Move of rays is considered in this article in Michelson's experiment, as well as in Shamir's and Fox's experiments with using the laser as a light source. Appear that mistakes, assumed by Michelson caused in description of ray movement in his experiment. Conclusion is made that zero result of Michelson-Morley's experiment, either as Shamir's and Fox's experiments caused of the absence of interferometer moving within medium, in which rays of light are propagated in these experiments.

Relative Mass and Energy (October 4, 2003)

In this article is considered the formula E = mc2. Appears that in STR the formula is received on a base of wrong suggestions and with reference to to photon brings absurd result.
There motivate following conclusion. This formula has other physical sense and unconnected with belief about increase the masses of moving bodies, is hereunder put under doubt true of General Theory of Relativity, founded on this notion.

Paradoxes of the Universe (October 6, 2003)

Space paradoxes, appearing, how suppose, in endless Universe and being one of the the proof of impossibility of existance such Universe, are connsidered. Appears, that actually these paradoxes must appear in final Universe only, proving impossibility of its existance.

Using a lazer in Michelson-Morley's experiment

In this article an experiment, executed according to scheme of Michelson-Morley's experiment with using a lazer as source of light, is considered. Appears that at derivation of a formula for determination of time of moving the pulse of light toward, perpendicular direction of moving the instrument, mistake is commited. Removing that we can change existing at present time beliefs about space and time.

Galilean Transformations

The Galilean transformations are considered in this article. Appears that formulas, describing change a wavelength of any radiations, thet can be directly deducted from these transformations. Gives a proof that that two inertial coordinate system, one of which is connected with source, but the second with receiver of radiation, are not equal, at least, in mechanics.

Relativistic Deceleration of Time and Relativity of Simultaneity

In article are considered some hypothetical experiments, proposed by popularizers of STR for explanation of "deceleration of time" notion and "relativity of simultaneity", introduced into science by creator of STR A. Einstein. Shown that notwithstanding generally accepted opinion, these experiments not only do not prove a true of explained notions, but also straight disagree to it.

Phenomenas, Given by Earth Moving Relatively of the Space Ether

Shown that phenomenas, known as Doppler effect and abberration of stars, in accuracy correspond to the suggestion of full fascination of the ether inside atmosphere of Earth. It Is Proved that generally accepted explanation of reasons of abberration of stars does not correspond to to reality. Given a conclusion motivated Galilei-Newton's principle of relativity for mechanical phenomenas is executed for optics and electrodynamics.

Great Ferma's Theorem (edited Aug. 6, 2006)

About VladimirIn Latyshev's article Simon Flagg and Devill, where is told about scientist-mathematician Simon Flagg and devil, who were concluded traditional agreement about soul sale with term that the last will answer for one-single question during 24 hours: "Is the great Ferma's theorem true?" However, that was not so actually.

"Relativistic Moving Masses Increasing

The known experiment with Vant Graaf's generator is considered. Shown that in that experiment dependency ability of source of electron emission from tension of electric field is not taken into account. In consequence of which, inconclusion about changing the mass (energy) of electrons in accordance with relativistic formula turns out to an error.

Sagnac's, Michelson-Gael's, Miller's Experiments

Shown that by the single explanation of results of Sagnac's experiment is movement of the instrument within ether, still for atmosphere of the Earth. Notwithstanding generally accepted opinion, effects observed in Michelson-Gael's and Miller's experiments, are unconnected with Earth movement comparatively of the ether.

Eichenwald's and Wilson's experiments

Any scientific theory must be founded on collection of phenomenas and experiences, which this theory must explain at first. Analysis of Rentgen's, Rouland's, Eichenwald's, Wilson's experiments results allow to conclude that in electrodynamics some characteristics of phenomenas correspond to condition of motion for the ether, but another - to absence of such movement.

Aragon Experiments and Fresnel's Theory

In this article the results of study of Aragon's experiments and Fresnel's theory, offered especially for explanation of results of these experiences are generalised. Appears that notwithstanding generally accepted opinion the results of Aragon's experiments do not correspond to reality. It is Motivated that Fresnel's theory, founded on wrong results of Aragon's experiments, can not be true.