Physicists of 2012: A.L. DMITRIEV, V.I. BOYARINTSEV, Hermann HOLUSHKO
Bourabai Research Institution takes the first place in the international rating of the research centers of Kazakhstan (the 2042-nd place in a world rating of the research centers), advancing in it such known organizations as Institute of nuclear physics and the National center of space researches and technologies. Bourabai Research has the widest field of scientific researches and technological developments which have fundamental value and revolutionary character for many sides of industry, ecology and development of human society. Many scientists from different countries cooperate with us.

The latest arrivals: PhD Martin Lopez-Corredoira "Sociology of Modern Cosmology", Experimentum Crucis: Prof. A.L. Dmitriyev "Physical substantiation of an opportunity of artificial change of body weight", Proffessor E.I. Shtyrkov's paper Optical Echo Holography [pdf], G. Nikitin's paper translation "Measurements of variations in the direction of light beam", Ph.D. Gorbatsewich F.F. Inertia and Gravitation, On the Gravity Force, the striking results of Prof. A. L. Dmitriev's experiment in the paper about falling rotor, Experimentum Crucis: Prof. A. Dmitriev "Nonzero Result of Measurement of Acceleration of Free Falling Gyros With the Horizontal Axis", Ravil Aydarov memoriam, Ignatenko Yu.V. et al Anomalous Light Aberration in Circumterrestrial Cosmic Space Dr Thomas Van Flandern memoriam, V.A. Tselmovich, A.F. Grachev, O.A. Korchagin The first finds of silica glass from the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K/T) boundary clay layer in the Gams stratigraphic sequence, Eastern Alps, Nature: Quantum mechanics refused Einstein once more, Gurdzaryan V.G. at al On the Light Speed Anisotropy vs CMB Dipole: European SRFM, papers of Halton C. Arp and D. Carosati M31 and Local Group QSO's and A concentration of quasars around the jet galaxy NGC1097

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400 years ago great German astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler has found that "new" comets move on hyperbolic paths, i.e. they have the interstellar origin. He has pointed that lunar circuses are formed by cometary impacts. In 1924 New Zeland astronomer and geophysicist A.C. Gifford came to conclusion that form of circuses and craters will be round always since at moment of impact the big heat explosion occurs. In spite of this modern astrophysics copies from generation in generation myths about protoplanetary and Oort clouds, about meteorites, flying though cosmos like roasted chicken... though the real source of accretion and evolutions of planets is specified by great Kepler. It is comets. About this read in the article:

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As far back as in 1930-ths American radio engineers Karl Jansky and Grote Reber made discovery of galactic radio emission, and in 1970-ths during study of pulsars the phenomenon of interstellar dispersion of radiofrequency waves, i.e. their delay comparatively light was discovered. This phenomena and our recent study show that the velocity of electromagnetic waves in vacuo is variable. It allows to create the new technologies of Space exploration. For more information please click below:

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The idea about accretion nature of stellar emission that is to say their light radiation by reason of heating them by falling interstellar gas, was brought forth by Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) who made full mathematical calculation of this process at the end of 19-th century. However scientific crowd has derided this, turned to myth of pp-fusion. Today we see that Lord Kelvin was right. Regrettably, and today this crowd, having made a kind of religion from physics, forces the people to believe and worship their myths, shrifted with all, who does not accept their lie. Nikolay Noskov, physicist from Almaty, the memorial pages dedicated to whom were placed on our web-site, who was irreconcilable champion of truth in sciece, has left us right before. For reading about real evolution of stars and galaxies please click here:

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In 1676 great Danish astronomer Ole Römer has discovered the limit of light velocity and has measured its value. In 1889 genius German physicist Heinrich Hertz has proven experimentally that light and electromagnetic waves are the same thing. Since that time it is considered that velocity of the electromagnetic waves in the ether (empty Space) equals 300 thous. km per second. However this is not a true. The new experiments have shown that velocity of electromagnetic wave at 1 Hz frequency in 300 times less than velocity of light. About it you can read in:

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The words of the classic of chemistry Dmitri Mendeleev: "Science begins where measurements are beginning", - are completely applicable to feature of titanic efforts, which have done by always alive in our memory worldwide-known seismologist Vitaly Khalturin and his faithfull friend during more than half century, alive classic of seismology Tatyana Rautian to convert seismology, archaic and descriptive protoscience into a modern precise science. About this and not only you may read in paper:

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More than 400 years ago immortal martyr theologian Giordano Bruno has brought a truth about multiplicity of planetary worlds for people. But crowd have preferred to burn him. In 1755 great philosopher Immanuel Kant has stated his study on Natural History of Heaven. His work was not forget, but so altered that all is up-down in astrophysics, not only an image in telescope, but all natural phenomena were put upside-down. During many years alive classic of astrophysics Dr. Halton Arp tries to convince scientists about close locality of quasars, but without great success. About that and more you may read in this paper:

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Alive classic, doctorant of Werner Heisenberg, inventor of nuclear engine and controlled nuclear fusion Professor of University of Nevada, Reno Friedwardt Winterberg presents his new paper about the nature of Universe

"The Clouds of Physics and Einstein's Last Query:
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In development and continuation of discovers of founder of paleontology Georges Cuvier, its theory of catastrophes, as well as in development of modern classic works of russian researcher Eugene Dmitriev on planetology, we are pleased offer a new study on recovering the look of the Earth at moment of disastrous transition from Mesozoic era to Cenozoic. For Power of Heaven there was enough only 150 minutes to be through with lasted many millions years era of dinosaurs:


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Genius experiments on aether detecting were made.
These experiments disprove Einstein's theory of relativity.

Twice Laureate of the State Premium of the USSR Professor Eugene SHTYRKOV made experiment on finding Bradley's abberration in the single inertial frame: the Earth and satellite. There were registered the same 20.5", as in stellar aberration.
Talented engineer - geodesist from Sevastopol George NIKITIN has found phenomena of transverse drift of light in gravitational field..
About this please read a new paper "DIRECT LIGHT"

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400 years ago great GALILEO has discovered and described in detail the natural laws of inertia. However after that those laws were garbled and insulated from the natural matter and were transformed in mathematical scholastics. Though 130 years ago Nikolay UMOV has shown the nature of inertia as moving the matter, aether, hitherto the mass and the inertia are high mystery for scholastical physics. The theory of aether throws light upon the nature of inertia. About it please read new paper


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As far as in 1871 Lord Rayleigh has discovered the law, which describes the dissipation of light on small particles. This law is valid for particles of aether. The last discoveries of astronomy show it. As far as in 1900 Max Plank has obtained the formula of spectrum of heat radiation, which's redshift explaines the brightness of quasars.
As far as in the beginning of 20-th century Walter Nernst has calculated, and Prof. Erich Regener has measured the temperature of cosmic background by means of stratospheric probe. There was known for physicists, except Arno Penzias and Nobel Committee, which in 1978 has conferred the prize for old thing, which ostensibly a new.... About this read a new paper


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More than century ago the founder of Russian astrospectroscopy A. Belopolski has found the mismatch between geometric velocity and Doppler spectral velocity of close bright stars. Thereafter his discovery, being indicative of variability of velocity of light is ignored. Yes, the velocity of light in vacuum (in free aether) variable! It was proved in laboratory conditions by Prof. Marinov 30 years ago. Today it is stated that change of velocity of light in Cosmos is caused by change of temperature of aether. "Hubble constant" is variable too. Gravitational lensing is artifact. Really we can see evident thermal lensing caused by warm-up variations of velocity of light. About this please read a new article


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Worldwide-known discoverer and researcher of quasars and peculiar galaxies PhD. Halton Arp has proved absolutely exactly that intrinsic redshifts of quasars have not neither Doppler nature, nor Hubble distance nature. Please read his works in English and in Russian.

Would you like to know about real nature of quasars? Then click here:
Known russian researcher of comets Eugene Dmitriev considers that results of "Deep Impact" Mission are known beforehand: composition of high-melting components of Tempel-1 comet is similar to composition of terrestrial crust. His report is here.

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The Classical ideas of great Ernest Rutherford revived newly: his thought about neutron, as a bound condition of proton and electron is confirmed!
The Grand unification is making simply, when it is dispensed from the lie of relativism...
Atom consists not only and not so much from neutrons and protons, but basically from proton clusters, such alpha-particles and atom core is a magic crystal! This is a reason of Mössbauer effect. The Nuclear matter can exist in terrestrial conditions! About it please read a new article


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The Classical physics of Galileo, Hooke, Gauss, Gerber lives and wins! -
By means of theory of gravitation of Robert Hooke and retarded potentials of Gauss and Gerber the problem of perihelions motion, eccentricities, stability and evolution of Solar system is solved. The Classical physics opens new technologies for astronavigation.
About it please read a new article


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Classic of electric discharge nuclear fusion Prof. Friedwardt WINTERBERG PRESENTS for our readers his newest work "Conjectured Transient Release Of Zero Point Vacuum Energy In Powerful Electric Discharges", in which he shows that approach of aethereal physics - reaching hyperpressure in process of nuclear fusion by cavitation or electric charge - Prof. A. A. Tyapkin, Urutskoev, Adamenko, Talejarkhan), but not by high temperature - as in false relativistic physics (TOKAMAK plasma, Velikhov and etc.), allows to get practical results. We also present classic scientific-popular work of Nobel Laureate, ingenius physicist Philipp von LENARD

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In development and continuation of the thoughts of the founder of European natural science Robert HOOKE and great mathematician from Saint-Petersburg Leonhard EULER,
a new article - "AETHEREAL MECHANICS" about real nature of gravitation.

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In the development and continuation of the thoughts of professor of the Zurich University Johann Rudolf WOLF and professor of the Karaganda Coal Research Inst. (Kazakhstan) Alexander CHIZHEVSKI,
there is a new article - "REAL SOLAR DYNAMICS" about real reasons of solar flares, sun-spots and magnetic storms.

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In the development and continuation of the teaching of great königsberger Immanuel KANT and cometary - jet ideas of great mathematician, professor of Königsberg University Friedrich Wilhelm BESSEL
there is a new article "Origin of the Sun and Planets" - about our newest astrophysical discoveries - 4.56 billion years ago Moon was the 5-th planet of Sun and Sun was a white dwarf!

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About David HILBERT - the great mathimatician, countryman of Immanuel KANT (Königsberg, Prussia)

and in continue of ingenius ideas of Max PLANCK we present

new papers of professor WINTERBERG "PLANCK MASS PLASMA ANALOG OF STRING THEORY" and "About Priority of David Hilbert"

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If, as well-known, Kazakhstan is fatherland of astrobiology, and Almaty is motherland of astrobotanics...

Gavriil Tikhov - the founder of astrobiology and astrobotanics

...that why they can not be a native land of astroembryology? and planetonatalogy?

After all here's calculated that OUR SUN IS PREGNANT!

Embryo is enough weighty -
460 of Earth mass!

Please read the newest paper "The Structure of Celestial Bodies"


New article "Aethereal Energy"

nuclear rocket engine NERVA

While scientific folk throngs around BIG BANg and suffers in waiting the news from the front edge of science SPECIALLY for our site 2 weeks before conference a giant of physical thought and father of nuclear rocket engine, professor Friedwardt WINTERBERG presents his report about theoretical physics prospects.

historical Big Ben often confusing with mythical Big Bang

New articles "The Origin of Masses", "The Nature of Electricity", "The Nature of Light" and "Aethereal Wind"

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