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Circulation of energy in the universe

Христос воскресе from dead,
By death death поправ,
And сущим in гробех,
Stomach даровав.

[ Easter тропарь]

Answering on mythology " of thermal death " by the universe, the great Ziolkovsky wrote:

" If the heat can pass from more cold bodies to heated more up, it should have huge, not only philosophical and общенаучное value, but, as we saw, and only practical. The postulate Клаузиуса in the pure state, without clauses, is not justified. Gravity, as well as other reasons, - the number them is not known, - it(him) upset... The heat passes from a cold body to a warm body, but not by itself, and owing to any exclusive conditions " [55].

Really, if to limit the physical world only to theoretical balls of identical particles of substance, were guided a doctrine of absence for them of the lower base level, the increase of an entropy is inevitable. Even the thesis Ильи Пригожина about preservation of a low level of an entropy in dissipative systems will not rescue.

However real world - not the world of the simplified flat theory and even not material world, that is not the world of substance and field, but world of an ether. As was shown by the author in activity [25], statistical analysis of parameters 434 supernew such as Ia, being peculiar measurement poles, standard candles of the universe, gives a picture uniform and isotropic up to the horizon of the universe, where a photon, летящий through it(her) billions years, экспоненциально lose the energy. Such power loss by a single quantum of light is acknowledgement(confirmation) not only uniformity(homogeneity) and изотропии by the universe, but also certificate of presence of base environment(Wednesday) of the lower level absorptive this energy. At the same time in activity [44] and in the present article is shown, that the ether gives back the energy to driving particles of substance, that more intensively, than faster particle goes. Thus, the stars containing weights разогретого of gas, are absorbants(absorbents,absorbers) of energy of an ether, which then is radiated by them in space as quanta of electromagnetic radiation.

By these by two processes the eternal circulation of energy in the universe closes.

With circulation of substance in the universe the business is is a little bit more difficult(complex). The analysis of the astronomical facts shows presence of two circulations: extragalactic and galactic.

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