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Extragalactic circulation of substance

Spirit блаженный among spirits -
Осирис, growing all,
Death попрал своею by death
Also has opened of Times Врата.
The eternal Son Предвечной Мати
Life дарует by all and all.

[ Hymn Осирису, Book Dead]

In boundless open spaces of the universe, far outside galaxies рассеяно primary substance. It consists in main(basic) of protons and electrons with an impurity(additive) of alpha-particles and only by tracks of nucleuses of heavier elements. It that remained from the previous generations of galaxies destroyed by internal instability. An example of one of such perishing galaxies is the radio galaxy Cygnus A, collapsing on our eyes [69, 70]. Having exceeded a threshold of steady existence of a powerful matter, she(it) blows up, radiating electromagnetic waves and elementary particles.

Being braked as a result of transfer(transmission) of kinetic energy to other particles, radiating, these particles transform to водородно-helium space gas, of which the stars of the first generation, star " the population II " and spherical congestions, consisting of them, and elliptical galaxies are formed.

After destruction of stars of the first generation giving cosmic dust of explosions supernew, from this dust the microcomets, comet and planet юритерианского of a type are formed. In result аккреции weight last grows up to brown dwarfs, and further, along Main sequence of stars. It is stars " the population   I " on Бааде.

Weight of stars grows before their destruction or transition in a condition квазара.

Seizing(catching) вс ё substances there are more, квазары gradually absorb вс ё sidereal substance of a galaxy and each other. The galaxy transforms in "active" and radio galaxy.

Temperature of an ether in a place of existence of a radio galaxy grows up to a level, when the supercompressed substance квазара loses the stability(immunity), and квазар collapses with radiation of protons, electrons and alpha-particles.

It again primary substance. So the extragalactic circulation of substance closes.

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