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Квантованность of red displacement квазаров

In 1971 To. Карлссон [20], investigating statistics of red displacement квазаров, has found out, that she(it) has obviously кластерный character with practically equal steps on frequency.

By the statistical analysis Х. Арп has found out, that if квазары ассоциировать with galaxies located on small angular distances from квазаров, квантованность of statistics of red displacement квазаров becomes aggravated.

Continuing these researches, carefully taking into account all accompanying attributes close located on a corner(angle) квазаров and galaxies, Х. Арп has come to a conclusion(injection), that these objects have not only close angular arrangement, but also are close linearly, physically. Was наблюдено set of cases of connection of galaxies and квазаров радиоизлучающими bridges visible звездно-dust sleeves.

Applying the formula (7) to allocation "internal" components of red displacement квазаров, not dependent from distance, Х. Арп has received even more precise квантованное distribution of red displacement квазаров. Has appeared, that the red displacement receive only fixed values from a number(series) [18]:

Z = 0.061; 0,30; 0,60; 0.96, 1.41; 1.96; 2.63:

In математически to the convenient form(shape) this sequence can be recorded so:

Z = exp ((n + a) /b) - 1; a = 0,285; b = 4.874


Where n = 0, 1, 2, 3: - a natural number(series) of numbers, really is such as квазара.

Found n obviously concerns to a number(series) of any uniform physical condition квазаров.

In opinion of the author the internal red displacement квазаров is gravitational displacement (6), and the quantum formula (8) can attribute the appropriate value of gravitational potential of a surface of radiation квазара


Where M - weight квазара, R - radius of a photosphere квазара.

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