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Nature of red displacement квазаров

Agrees Х. Арпу квазары have "internal" or "own" red displacement, which does not depend on distance, on which they are from us. The internal red displacement квазаров is determined by the formula (see, напр., [18-19])

Z i = (Z v +1) / (Z g + 1) - 1


Where Z i - Internal red displacement квазара, Z v - Red displacement, visible from the Earth, квазара, Z g - The red displacement of a galaxy, in which is квазар.

Besides by researches Д. Seconds. МакМиллана [66] is shown, that under the data of geodetic sessions VLBI for 1979 - 2003 гг. At large number квазаров is значимые zero proper motions: at 580 sources of accuracy of definition of proper motions make 0.5 mas/years and better, and for 50-60 objects of their proper motion differ from zero more, than on 3Г. Thus, it is necessary to accept or superlight speeds of motion квазаров, or to consider(count), that their red displacement has no the attitude(relation) to distances up to them.

Квазары really bright, but completely not fantastically large celestial bodies. According to the data радиоинтерферометрии they are point sources having the angular sizes less 0,4 mas [67].

The phenomenon квантованности of their red displacement open To can help with knowledge of their nature. Карлссоном and in detail investigated Х. Арпом both Дж. And Е.М. Бёрбиджами.

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