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Changes of aircraft attitude in spiral galaxies

As it was marked above, chaotic orbits of stars of the population II in due course lose an eccentricity and inclination to a plane of the galactic disk(disc), becoming stars of the population I. They get the supercompressed nucleuses and lose ability to have extended atmospheres.

The explosions supernew fill in a volume of a galaxy by interstellar dust. As against hydrogen and helium this dust practically does not submit to the gas laws. She(it) has large "molecular" weight and low temperature of dust particles.

The physical parameters of dust do(make) by its(her) centers of condensation of molecules of interstellar gas. Besides because of large weight, in comparison with molecules of gas, she(it) is the initiator of a shock wave in gas of the disk(disc) driving with orbital speed and occurrence dynamical газопылевых of clouds and sleeves of a galaxy.

The galactic sleeves have large dynamics(changes) only in relation to орбитально to driving weights. They practically are motionless. Therefore material of sleeves constantly drops to center of a galaxy. Inside sleeves this material restrains by "lift" of a galactic shock wave, is constant накатывающейся on a sleeve.

In a place, where the conditions of occurrence of a shock wave are not observed, all material of sleeves drops radially in center of a galaxy. This place refers to as балджем.

As it was already marked above, the stars live billions years. In sleeves they intensively аккрецируют gas and dust. Therefore temporarily become bright. As density of interstellar substance вс ё-таки is insignificant, weight of stars at passage of a sleeve varies unsignificantly.

On прошествии of many billions years the galaxy is enriched by pulsars and квазарами. In center of any spiral galaxy is main квазар (хост-квазар), which absorbs substance, dropping in center.

If the excess of kinetic energy is formed, квазар can be divided(shared) into two, taking off in the opposite party from center. When collide and break up квазары, there are vast lets - джеты.

Growing old, the spiral galaxies are enriched by heavy stars passing in other phase condition - квазары of different generations. About this process the reader can read in following section or in detail in activity [27]. During the existence a star of Main sequence slowly or fast, that depends on density, strongly varying on a place, of interstellar gas, approaches to a stagnation point of explosion supernew. From explosion there is a pulsar (neutron star). If the star managed to not blow up, she(it) passes in a condition квазара of the first generation. Then, in result аккреции квазары of the first generation pass in квазары of the second generation and so on:

During aging a galaxy she(it) is more and more enriched квазарами. It transforms her(it) at first into a galaxy with an active nucleus, and then in a radio galaxy, which main body is central квазар.

Eventually, in center of a radio galaxy critical quantity квазаров of different types accumulates. From their mass collision and high-power heating of an ether there is a violation(disturbance) of stability(immunity) of a matter квазаров and explosion of a galaxy.

She(it) scatters by neutrons, protons, electrons, alpha-particles and radiation. In ~1000 seconds (time полураспада) the free neutrons break up to protons and electrons. The водородно-helium broth which has stayed after explosion of a galaxy serves a material for formation(education) of new galaxies.

So closes extragalactic кругооборот of substance in the universe.

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