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Myths about квазарах

Attributing red displacement квазаров "хаббловскую" a nature, that is considering, that distance up to them is proportional to their red displacement, the relativistic astrophysics considers(counts) квазары запредельно as far and fantastically great celestial bodies. On these assumptions is constructed much смехотворных of the cosmogonic theories. Their occurrence is connected to mess in heads космологов. They consider(count) red displacement as one physical phenomenon, though, actually in a Nature there is a set of the reasons of red displacement [65]:

Contrary to relativistic myths, already there are a lot of years the world famous researcher квазаров dr Хальтон Арп shows, that квазары physically, is observable are associated with some known and not so by far galaxies. He(it) accumulates a large statistical material of supervision(observations), that is astronomical facts, which at the honour attitude(relation) to a science cannot be ignored [13 - 23].

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