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Developmental myths of an astrophysics

Due to relativistic and nuclear myths in an astrophysics there was an impasse, when theoretical воззрения enter the unsoluble contradictions with the facts and become мифическими.

It is considered, that in sleeves of galaxies there is a process звездообразования. Actually, as it is shown above, at orbital passage of dense clouds of gas in sleeves, the stars аккрецируют and increase светимость.

It is considered, that the Sun never crosses sleeves of a Galaxy, that is lives in мифической to a zone коротации. Actually Sun crosses sleeves on the average everyone 72 млн. Years.

It is considered, that the below temperature class of a star, the she(it) is more senior. Actually вс ё on the contrary - the stars only with age get weight and светимость.

It is considered, that быстровращающимися are the young stars, though actually moment can be acquired by a star only as a result of long аккреции.

It is considered, that the age of stars does not exceed 10 10 Years, though the simple calculation supernew gives 10 13 Years.

It is considered, that the red giants - almost last stage of changes of aircraft attitude of a star, though actually are the youngest stars in process аккреции.

It is considered, that the close systems are in process of absorption of one component by another, though actually on the contrary is a star, divided(shared) because of centrifugal forces:

Not wishing to sink in senseless disputes, the author states the point of view on a line of sidereal changes of aircraft attitude, which earlier already stated in separate activities.

Now two developmental lines of stars are known for the author:

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