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The certificates deuterium - тритиевого of synthesis

Except for high-power main(basic) thermonuclear explosions near to a solar nucleus, the thermonuclear explosions спорадически arise and in близи of a surface of the Sun. These explosions are provoked by whirlwinds raising from depths of the Sun, захватной нейтронизацией of substance and thermodynamic cumulative processes in boundary area of solar atmosphere. Their single energy reaches 10 26 [J].

For last decade with the help of neutron monitors - helium sensors of neutrons many data about neutron bursts occurring after solar flares are accumulated. Such data are not only from a surface of the Earth, but also at a great distance, for example, from orbit of Mars, where these measurements are carried out(conducted) by(with) the American space vehicle "Одиссей" with the Russian sensor of neutrons HEND.

For example, October 28, 2003 at 10:04 UT on a surface of the Sun the flash - certificate of thermonuclear explosion has appeared. On the Earth the front of electromagnetic radiation has come after 8 minutes, that is at 10:12 UT. At 10:48 UT on the detector of nuclear radiation in ИЗМИРАН,. Троицк the momentum(pulse,impulse) of neutrons superior background in 100 times (see, for example was registered, [58]). Thus, the momentum(pulse,impulse) of neutrons was observed after 48 minutes after high-power explosion in недрах of the Sun. Knowing this delay and distance from the Sun up to the Earth is possible to define(determine) speed of neutrons and, hence, their energy. This energy in accuracy corresponds(meets) to reaction of synthesis of helium - 4 from deuterium - тритиевой of a mix(mixture).

Maximum of speed of neutrons induced by DT-nuclear explosion, we find on a difference of the moments of explosion and front of a neutron flux

V = S / (T arriv - T source ) = 1.49·10 11 / (48·60) = 5.8·10 7 [m/s]

From here elementary there is a kinetic energy of neutrons of front

E = mV 2 /2 = 1.67·10 -27 · (5.8·10 7 ) 2 /2 = 2.8·10 -12 [J] = 17.6 [MeV]

This energy in accuracy corresponds(meets) to energy of a neutron formed in reaction of synthesis of helium - 4 from deuterium and трития.

Unfortunately, many authors, is groundless considering the birthplace of these neutrons a solar corona, receive the overestimated values of energy of neutrons, having truncated пролетное time [58, 59]. The calculations they can inspect, having used the data of remote space vehicles, such as "Одиссей" - HEND.

As show numerous supervision(observations), at once after a flash, which with all evidence is a development of thermonuclear explosion, there is a shock wave.

The whirlwinds of nuclear explosions essentially influence dynamics(changes) of solar atmosphere. Changing distribution of density of solar atmosphere by replacement(expulsion) of weights of gas from a nucleus to periphery, they brake directional motion of surface layers at the expense of increase of the moment of inertia of the Sun. And on the contrary, when the nuclear activity is reduced(descended), the rotation rate of the Sun - directional motion of surface layers grows.

According to researches Дж. Эдди [52] in маундеровский the period rotation rate of the Sun was higher 4 % modern. Сакураи [60] has established, that to small number of sun-spots there corresponds(meets) rather high speed of equatorial rotation of the Sun. The observable cycling change of diameter of the Sun testifies to this.

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