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Stars of the population II, star Кельвина

As it was already marked, is true young are the stars of a galactic halo named Бааде as the population II. It is stars Кельвина. They are formed of primary hydrogen and helium acting(going) at a galaxy. Their low металличность, and speaks also about it their fittings or родственность to the red giants, эфемерным, to translucent spheres of luminous gas. It is the first developmental line of stars.

As density of the red giants rather low was shown on an example Бетельгейзе. It is explained by two reasons:

In a halo and outside galaxies the spherical congestions consisting of such stars are formed. The above star on the diagram Герцшпрунга - Рессела (Г-Р) concerning main sequence (ГП), the more intensively was аккреция of gas on it(her) for last millions years. Than longer time separable current time from the end of the period аккреции less аккреция and, the closer star to ГП and with that the large share her(it) светимости is provided by an ether.

Not having steady circular orbit, what have the old stars of the disk(disc), the stars of a halo repeatedly pass the disk(disc) of a galaxy, while their orbits will not come nearer to circular in a plane of the disk(disc) and will not undergo the conflict to general(common) motion of interstellar substance.

Among such stars are often of kinetic instability connected with intensive аккрецией. Because of intensive аккреции there is an excess of the moment of momentum, and these stars frequently break up to two scattering stars "бегуна". Moment of decay(disintegration) is observed as a close system.

Actually stars of the population II, as well as galactic halo, are a rudiment of an elliptical galaxy in a structure spiral.

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