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Звездно-thermonuclear myth

Inspired by idea of an atomic energy open by experience Эрнеста Резерфорда, physics - релятивисты led by Артуром Эддингтоном have put forward a hypothesis about thermonuclear character of energy of the Sun and stars. By works of. Бете, Критчфилда and Вайцзеккера [35], the theory of thermonuclear combustion in недрах of stars was developed.

Was assumed, that the basis(fundamentals) of a nuclear fusion is the hypothetical proton - proton reaction of synthesis, as a result of which there are heavier chemical elements and energy. The time of action of such hypothetical combustion (in laboratories till now would be not received of any act(certificate) of such reaction) enough for 10 10 Years of existence of the Sun. The hypothesis was well entered in the relativistic approach in an astrophysics assigning life by the universe to little more of this term. Besides it was by one more triumph attributed And. Эйнштейну of the formula E=mc 2 , Actually deduced(removed) in 1873 - 1874 Николаем Умовым [36 - 40].

However founders of this hypothesis and ignored them апологеты and till now ignore set of the facts, contradicting to it(her). They.

The Earth, planet of an earth type and the asteroids exist already of 4,56 billion years. For this time the Sun should expend up to half of hydrogen. By researches is confirmed, that a chemical structure of the Sun and interstellar environment(Wednesday) practically are identical, that is for all time of "combustion" of the Sun the hydrogen practically was not spent.

The flow solar нейтрино in some times is less than what is necessary for the statement(confirmation) about presence on the Sun мифической of pp-reaction and in general of thermonuclear reactions appropriate power allocated by the Sun. Flow нейтрино is subject seasonal (diurnal, 27-day's, year and 11-year's) to oscillations and on last researches proceeds not from internal high-temperature parts of the Sun, and from equatorial surface layers rotated with the period 27 day [41 - 43].

The essence of any chain reaction consists that, time having begun, she(it) экспоненциально grows up to the full consumption of explosive substance. As during thermonuclear reaction there is an increase of density and temperature in front of a shock wave, that even more accelerates reaction. The nature of any chain reaction is those, that she(it) in essence has no stability(immunity) at a factor of duplication 1. Only under the special conditions, controllable by a fast-response automatics, presence of internal delay there can be a continuous nuclear reaction to a factor of growth(increase) equal 1. On an example Чернобыля we know, what even repeatedly резервированная the automatics not always manages(consults) this devil process.

As was shown by the author [44], a real power source of the Sun and stars actually is the ether, and the thermonuclear energy as deuterium - тритиевого of synthesis plays a rather small role, making less than 1 % of power of radiation of stars of a class of the Sun. Unfortunately, the relativistic mythology so has taken possession of minds(wits) астрофизиков, that they simplly do not suppose also idea on other approach, except for thermonuclear. At same dear And. And. Климишина [45, page 370-371] is readable:

" At the expense of what energy the star pulses? The answer to this question is extreme simple: the star makes mechanical oscillations at the expense of energy released(exempted) in her(it) недрах. More difficultly, it would seem to explain another: how the radiation energy leaving on a surface of a star, transforms in mechanical. But also in this case due to activities And. Эддингтона (1882 - 1944) (England), seconds. And. Жевакина (USSR) and Р. Кристи (USA), the answer is already received ".

- The answer is received, but error. Any nuclear reactions can be in a body of the red giant with temperature in center exceeding 5000єК. It(he) practically is transparent, as has the monstrous sizes at modest weight. It is visible even in a telescope Хаббла! The simple calculation is shown, for example, that by(with) mean density Бетельгейзе at its(her) weight 9 solar and radius 684 млн. Km makes 13,3 мг/м 3 . For surface layers this value does not reach and 1 мг/м 3 . And at effective temperature of a star 3000 єK, which gives in a main(basic) central part, temperature of a surface is lower 600 єK. It is well visible on хаббловском a snapshot [46].

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