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The real gear of spiral sleeves

Main(basic) essence of an offered explanation - occurrence of a shock wave on internal, inverted to orbital motion of stars to an edge of sleeves. Business that real speed of sleeves practically of zero rather not rotated intergalactic substance. At the same time бесстолкновительный the gas (HI, He) межрукавного of space goes with orbital speed about 200 kms / c. This speed does not reflect temperature speed межрукавного of gas (~0.2 м/c), as is a laminar component. However it is fair only before meeting this gas with dense gas of a sleeve.

In a place of this meeting in physical фрейме of a sleeve the laminar speed набегающего of gas transforms in temperature. That is is satisfied condition shock waves, when behind its(her) front the speed drops below sound for the data of parameters of gas, and his(its) motion becomes turbulent.

The equation for gas on a surface of a gap looks so [33]

1 v 1n = 2 v 2n

Where 1 - Density of gas up to front,
2 - Density of gas after front,
v 1n
- Normal speed of gas up to front,
v 2n
- Normal speed of gas after front.

How to learn(find out), on how many is decelerated and the pressure of gas increases?

At occurrence of a shock wave in any one place at the expense of presence in it(him) any of a revolting body (gas, dust and пр.), she(it) is distributed from this place by a cone with a characteristic corner(angle) Маха

ё = arcsin (v 2n / v 1n )

This corner(angle) is known for us. It is a corner(angle) of twist of a galactic spiral. For межрукавного of distance h and radius R for n-рукавной of a galaxy we shall receive

ё = arctan (nh/2АR)

Receiving h=1.5 кпс, R=8.2 Кпс, n=3, v 1n =220 km / with, we shall receive ё = 5 Ё v 2n = 19.2 km / with.

This speed corresponds(meets) approximately 8000ЁK. Such temperature there is a frontal surface of a galactic sleeve observable as " galactic шпура " (see a fig. 3).

This hot gas can not save such high temperature long time. It(he) extends in the back party of a sleeve, being accelerated practically up to former orbital speed. Thus it(he) is fast cooled.

The gear of occurrence of spiral sleeves

Fig. 3. The gear of occurrence of spiral sleeves
( 1 - direction of an orbital flow of stars and HI; 2 - cones of a shock wave from point sources; 3 - general(common) front of a galactic shock wave; 4 - flows of substance of sleeves dropping балджем on хост-квазар - center of a galaxy).

Though the process of a shock wave and its(her) relaxation краток, due to orbital motion межрукавного of gas it(he) renews constantly in such a manner that the sleeves of a galaxy practically cost on a place, not rotating together with other substance of a galaxy.

The picture of sleeves remains practically stable that synchronizes itself by укорочения of a cycle of occurrence of a shock wave in case the laminar flow will meet a sleeve earlier. At such meeting of a condition of birth of a shock wave are executed(designed) automatically. If for any reasons the sleeve of the last cycle yet has not approached, and the conditions of a shock wave have arisen in межрукавном an interval(interspace), width of a sleeve is increased by this value. Though the sleeves have no orbital speed, of their weight is compensated by lift набегающего of a flow. As the speed of this flow is equal accuracy orbital, also value of lift such, which is required for квазистатичного of a rule(situation,position) of substance of sleeves. Closer to center of a galaxy, there, where the orbital speed is reduced(descended), and condition of occurrence of a shock wave do not arise, it is not enough of this lift for deduction of substance on fixed distance from center of a galaxy, and it drops as a broad flow (балджа) on central квазар of a galaxy (хост-квазар).

Whether there are acknowledgement(confirmation) of such model? - Yes, is.

On measurements of speeds HVC, they have distribution of speeds in a plane of the galactic disk(disc) appropriate to offered model, in range +220 km / with (see fig. 4 of [34]).

Distribution of speeds HVC on celestial sphere.

Fig. 4. Distribution of speeds HVC on celestial sphere.

The gear, open by the author, of formation(education) of sleeves and application radio парадигмы allow in a new fashion to look at changes of aircraft attitude of stars and galaxies, but for a clear statement it is necessary to us to stop on power of stars, where the modern astrophysics also is full of myths.

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