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Energia of an ether

The main(basic) energy of stars is an inexhaustible energy of an ether. Therefore they can shine not billions, and many billions years, will not be lost yet for any reasons which were not connected to the consumption of nuclear fuel.

In activities of the author [47-50] was submitted(shown) and the working model of process of a gravitation is advanced. Its(her) essence is, that the gravitation is result of pressure drop at a surface of particles of substance at the expense of phase transition of the first kind (condensation амеров of a phase ether). This pressure drop occurs because амеры of a corpuscular ether take a much smaller volume, than амеры of a phase ether.

In itself phase transition of an ether is ideal in the sense that all energy of motion - external kinetic energy амеров of a phase ether passes in internal energy амеров of a corpuscular ether lost-free. More precisely, these losses till now did not manage to be measured or even to observe.

If such losses took place for the condensed environments(Wednesdays), it would be observed at superlow temperatures as "беспричинный" heating of substance.

Besides as the phase transition occurs сферически symmetrically, " the impacts of pressure " in result "схлопывания" амеров are compensated, not making броуновского of motion of particles.

However we shall consider process of phase transition (гравитирования) for a driving particle. In figure 5 the effect two opposite амеров of a phase ether on a particle is shown.

As амеры неотличимы from each other, with other things being equal they should transmit an identical momentum(pulse,impulse) to a particle at phase transition

K = F a t * [ kg m/s]

Where F a - Force created by phase transition, t * - Time of phase transition.

Energia of an ether. The scheme of action of forces at phase transition амеров

Fig. 5. The scheme of action of forces at phase transition амеров.
( The red arrows(pointers) indicate a direction of motion амеров,
And the direction of momentums(pulses,impulses) - is opposite)

The motion of a particle creates a difference in times of transition

t = t * v T /c [s]

Where v T - Speed of a particle determined in its(her) temperature, c - speed амеров.

As a result of it there is an additional momentum(pulse,impulse) of a particles directed on a direction of its(her) motion

K = F a ( t 2 - t 1 ) = F a ( t 2 + ” t - t 1 + ” t) = 2F a t = 2 F a t * v T /c [kg m/s]

As максвелловская the speed of particles of gas is equal

v T = (2kT/m) 0,5 [m/s],


Where k - constant Больцмана, T - temperature of gas, m - particle mass,

That the additional momentum(pulse,impulse) created two антиподными амерами at phase transition will be equal


Where cos ё - косинус between a direction of motion of a particle and line of action of pair(vapour,couple) амеров.

Let's note, that in figure the red arrows(pointers) display motion амеров of a phase ether to a particle, and the momentum(pulse,impulse) of phase transition has a return mark (rarefaction). Knowing, that incremental velocity of a particle dv T From (1) there is simplly process of increase of temperature, from (2) it is possible to find value of energy transmitted at one act(certificate) of phase transition one амера


Knowing intensity of a flow of a phase ether in process гравитирования, found by the author earlier,

I g = 2Аc 2 /h = 8.52 ·10 50 [ amer / kg s]


From (3) it is possible to find a function of power allocated by an ether in weight of gas M

P = dW I g M [J/s]


Where d - factor which is taking into account distribution of a flow of a phase ether on a corner(angle) concerning vector of motion of a particle.

The received formulas are key for the solution of a question on a main(basic) source of heating and radiation of stars. [44] earlier author has shown, what exactly this eternal and inexhaustible energy is energy of the Sun and stars of main sequence.

Certainly, anyone fast driving concerning an ether, that is local physical фрейма, the particles of substance receive a small additional momentum(pulse,impulse), proportional their speeds and time of motion. However this additive is appreciable only for large hot weights of gas, such as stars or in a case is unique of high speeds of particles and very long time of their supervision(observation).

In a fig. 6 the data about acceleration of high-speed shells(envelopes) supernew, наблюденных in historical time are adduced. This phenomenon is revealed in connection with a difference between historical date by supernew and expected date calculated on known radius of a shell(envelope) and modern Doppler speed of its(her) expansion.

Fig. 6 Acceleration of shells(envelopes) supernew, наблюденных in historical time
( Figure at points - date historical supernew).

One more acknowledgement(confirmation) of the radio gear of heating of weights of gas is the excess of heat radiation of planets of the giants above инсоляцией. For example, such excess for Jove makes 10 крат.

In the table 2 the share of radio energy at stars and квазаров is adduced.

The table 2. Shares of power sources of various types of stars and квазаров in %


Energy of an ether

Energy аккреции

Nuclear energy

Infrared(infra-red) dwarfs, planet the giants


< 1


The red giants and supergiants




B-G Star ГП outside of sleeves


< 1


O-B Star ГП in a sleeve (аккрецирующие)




White dwarfs and квазары



< 1





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