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Myths about a nature of spiral sleeves

During the existence all elliptical galaxies become spiral. Today муссируется there are a lot of myths about a nature of spiral sleeves of galaxies, отталкивающихся from spiral figure, observable in galaxies created by a difference of density засветки. Any of them does not correspond(meet) to a reality.

The myth about waves of sidereal density was absent-minded after the sanction of close galaxies and finding - out practically of identical density of stars in sleeves and between them. The difference has appeared only in brightness of stars of sleeves, that is at the expense of change of a statistical ratio of weak and bright stars.

Following myth became a myth about birth and youth of stars inside sleeves. However "babies" have appeared of monstrously large weight, that excludes their youth. Density of gas and dust in sleeves is too small to supply(ensure) with him(it) such gain(increment) of weight in reasonable time by аккреции.

Other myth studied by mathematics from times Бертила Линдблада [31], is a myth about a gravitational nature of waves of density in a galaxy, which cause occurrence(appearance) of sleeves with raised(increased) density of gas, dust and stars. However, besides that the mathematics and did not manage to find the steady solution, this hypothesis is denied by that quantity of stars in a cubic parsec of a sleeve same, as well as between sleeves.

As though acknowledgement(confirmation) of a myth on gravitational waves of density are last картирования of atomic hydrogen (HI) on a line 21 см [32]. They have given speed of motion of atomic hydrogen same, as well as the mean orbital speed of stars, that as though confirms other myth, - myth about каротажном radius and even more, - that the stars on any radius practically never cross sleeves in the orbital motion.

However same картирования on other lines, for example, CO give a return picture, that is raised(increased) density CO there, where reduced density HI.

Actually, the cards HI on a wave 21 см give not distribution of sleeves, and distribution of vacuum between sleeves. Actually occurs that.

Except for separate high-speed gas clouds (HVC), density (< 10 0 см -3 ) And temperature (< 10ЁK) gas in a galactic halo and between sleeves of the disk(disc) so low, that the atoms of hydrogen and helium there are in practically бесстолкновительном, laminar motion, agree with orbital motion of main(basic) weight of stars. For this reason HI can radiate there line 21 см with characteristic temperature of transition 0.68ЁK and constant time of transition 11 млн. Years. In sleeves of a galaxy temperature (> 100ЁK) and density (> 10 3 см -3 ) Of hydrogen are so great, that the transition on a wave 21 см simplly can not take place owing to absence of atoms which were not breaking these exited states by collision.

It is a lot of the reasons of an inaccuracy of hypotheses, but the volume of the article does not allow to disassemble them in all details, and we shall therefore be concentrated on the design approach.

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