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New English translation (2007) of this book

F.F. Gorbatsevich. AETHEREAL MEDUIM AND UNIVERSUM. Monograph. St.-Petersburg: "ALPHA-STAMP" Publishers, 2004. 112 p., ill. (in Russian)

F.F. Gorbatsevich. The Fundamentals of non-empty ether (vacuum) theory. - Apatity, 2001. (in English)


The fundamentals of a physical model of the ethereal medium (vacuum) consisting of particles of two kinds, equal, but opposite in sign are stated. The model contains elements of the vacuum structure offered by W. Thomson, of MacGullagh continuum and conforms to the theory of electromagnetism by D. Maxwell. A uniform physical basis for an explanation of observed electromagnetic phenomena, inertia and gravitation is given.

F.F. Gorbatsevich

The Ether and Universe



Gorbatsevich, F.F. The Ether and Universe. Translated from Russian: Gorbatsevich F.F. Efir i universum. Sankt-Petersburg. Izdatel'stvo ALFA-SHTAMP, 2004.

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F.F. Gorbatsevich. The Ether and Universe

Scientific notions of the cosmos have their origins in the concepts of space, time and matter. Assumption of the postulates of both special theory of relativity and general theory of relativity has not allowed getting a non-contradictory physical model of the universe. We propose the following idea of the universe. Space embraces everything. It is non-deformable, three-dimensional, Euclidean. The visible space is filled by with ethereal medium. The physical model of the ethereal medium consists of two equal, but opposite in sign, types of particles. The particles are strongly attracted together forming a homogeneous space. Opposite in sign its particles move relative to each other frictionless. In the ethereal medium linear, circular and other movements of physical bodies as well as shear deformations may exist infinitely long. A magnetic field is the consequence of torsion; shear deformations of the ethereal medium. The ethereal medium has a certain electromagnetic density and elasticity. Physical bodies (elementary particles, gases, liquids, solid bodies, plasma et al.) take place in the space and ethereal medium. Gravitational influence of one physical body on the other is realized by means of the ethereal medium. Dynamical processes in the ethereal medium and movements of physical bodies may be fixed in time. Time is local, irreversible, one-dimensional, unilateral, - from the past to the future.

We are to admit no more causes of natural things that such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearance.

Rule I from the Rules of reasoning in Philosophy. I. Newton. Mathematical principles of natural philosophy. Optics. Britannica, V.32. Second Edition. Chicago. 1994.


  1. Introduction
  2. Historical background of ether theory
  3. General properties of aether (vacuum)
  4. Ether consists of two, opposite in charge, particles
  5. Mathematic model of quasi-springy aether
  6. Density of the ethereal medium in a vacuum and in physical media
  7. The attractive forces mechanism of physical bodies in the ethereal medium
  8. Strain of the ether medium in electric and magnetic fields
  9. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the ether medium
  10. On Fizeau's experiment and its interpretation
  11. Moving charges and Galileo principle
  12. Ether medium and substance balance in the universe
  13. Foundations of the universe structure
  14. Space as all-inclusive category
  15. Time as a measure of movement and changes in local physical objects
  16. Principles acting in the universe
  17. Conclusion
  18. References
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