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Elliptical galaxies

The elliptical galaxies differ from spherical congestions only by value, being in comparison with spiral galaxies young образованьями. Actually precise border between spherical congestions and elliptical galaxies is absent, however gravitational field for objects of such size, as the galaxy, any more does not submit to the strict law of return squares of distance, characteristic for small objects which are not changing parameters of an ether.

In due course elliptical galaxies уплощаются, and in them arises and the circular motion of substance inside the disk(disc) strongly compressed ellipsoid of rotation is steadily saved. In opinion of the author, it occurs in connection with final fluidity (viscosity) of an ether and large sizes of galaxies, the gravitational field in which scales submits to the laws of hydrodynamics of viscous liquids.

So in this part E0-E9 the diagram Хаббла completely correctly reflects changes of aircraft attitude of galaxies.

In process аккреции of a водородно-helium mix(mixture) of a star of elliptical galaxies get such weight, that in them there is a supercompressed nucleus, that is nucleus consisting of a liquefied водородно-helium mix(mixture). The beginning of this process begins with transition of a star from area of the red giants on main sequence in the diagram Герцшпрунга-Рессела.

One of properties of the supercompressed condition of a matter is the issue(emission) of cold neutrons in ambient space. Falling in atmosphere of a star, these neutrons transform протий into deuterium and тритий. There is a nuclear combustible deuterium - тритиевой of reaction of synthesis.

As soon as ripen critical conditions, there is a thermonuclear explosion. This explosion refers to as supernew.

Main(basic) attribute of changes of aircraft attitude of elliptical galaxies - gradual rendezvous(approach) of orbital planes of stars in the party of unidirectional motion. When such unidirectional motion becomes dominant, she(it) transforms to a spiral galaxy. A residence time of a galaxy in a phase elliptical - 25 % from general(common) time of life of a galaxy. It is its(her) youth. It is easy to reach this on the basis of statistics of galaxies if to accept fixed model of the universe.

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