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Globular Clusters

Condition of formation of these sidereal associations is the excess of a density function of stars by some critical, when all members of the future congestion appear in their general(common) field of gravitation, and their relative speeds appear less II space. Such happens, if the stars are derivated by one водородно-helium cloud.

The spherical congestions represent dynamically steady sidereal systems. The stability(immunity) them is given by(with) three features:

- Presence of a potential gravitational hole created by a congestion and an involving star inside;

- Usual property of substance to not be exposed gravitational fields in environment гравитирующих of bodies, that is subtraction of forces of a gravitation from bodies located on both party given;

- Presence of interstellar gas around of a spherical congestion.

The first feature keeps a star in a potential hole of a congestion, reducing(descending) its(her) speed at attempt to leave from a gravitational hole. The second feature does not give a star long to stay inside кластера, where the forces of a gravitation drop, and the curvature of a trajectory decreases, pushing out a star outside. Third - is a source of growth(increase) of a spherical congestion and maintenance светимости, determined by arrival of gas.

In figure 2 are shown a cut(section,sectional view) of a spherical congestion and forces which are operational on a separate star. The dense spherical congestion frequently has a density function of stars inside below than area density at the expense of reduction(decreasing) forces of a gravitation, спрямления and instability of trajectories of stars inside a congestion. Having appeared in a dense cloud of gas, the spherical congestion further does not require it(him) for the steady existence. In subsequent, in-leak(influx) of gas only has an effect for a level светимости of stars of a congestion.

Fig. 2. Globular Cluster M92 (NGC 6341).

(a) - cut(section,sectional view) of a spherical congestion, (b) - density function of stars and interstellar gas, (c) - dynamics(changes) of a trajectory of a star outside of and inside a congestion and (d) - form(shape) of a gravitational field of a spherical congestion determining trajectories of motion of stars.

Spherical congestions is эволюционно the first type of sidereal associations, at which merge in a consequence the galaxies are formed. As against opinion астрофизиков XX of century, spherical congestions not most долгоживущие sidereal formations(educations). If their age is estimated 15 - 30 billions years, age of galaxies - many billions. The spherical congestions are constantly formed in the eternal and fixed universe. It not реликт. For their occurrence and growth(increase) the presence of clouds of hydrogen is necessary only. The astronomers see this process and nowadays. Galaxies on the greater measure grow at the expense of absorption of globular clusters.

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