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Dedicated to the bright memory of my daughter Anastasia


Beginning of extragalactic circulation of the matter

"The King is dead. Long live the King!"

The Space is filled with "cosmic rays", the electrons, protons and alpha-particles, the quanta of super-high energy. It is the primary matter, from which all celestial bodies subsequently are created.

Where is the proto-matter born? - It is born there, where alive classic of astrophysics Dr Arp has indicated, in bowels of the quasars.

The cycle of development of a galaxy terminates by transformation it into quasar of sixth, most senior type. Having incorporated all mass of the lost galaxy, it heats up aether, therefore it loses stability and blows up in huge jets observable on distances in many megaparsecs.

Thus, the large space of the Universe are sowed by the primary matter. Gradually losing energy in interaction with aether and same material, "cosmic rays" become bulk of atomic hydrogen (protium) and helium - 4.

The mass of this primary gas and "cosmic rays" supply growth of galaxies and their stars. Researchers began register "cosmic rays" a century ago in atmosphere of the Earth, especially in its upper layers.

Sometimes the shelter of "cosmic rays" is not the atmosphere, but congestion of themself formed after decontamination of protons and alpha-particles by space electrons of space gas cloud. Having arisen, even the very rarefied space gas of cloud of extended size is good absorber of elementary particles. Being braked in cloud, cosmic rays lose kinetic energy, giving that energy to particles of gas, which are released from extra energy by emission and gas collisions.

So the huge clouds of gas are observable in different parts of Milky Way and behind its limits on the known 21 cm line of hydrogen and even in optical telescopes. This hydrogen-helium broth assembling products of explosions of galaxies, is a material for formation of stars of the first generation, so-called Baade's "population II" or "Kelvin stars". Let's consider them more in detail.

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