These Considerations

OW CAN ASTROLOGY WORK? "I don't know how it can, but it does. 1 experience it doing so all the time," is a typical astrologer's response. We tend to mumble something about 'empirical knowledge' and happily ignore the mechanics involved. In doing so we've let many of the findings of Theodor Landscheidt slip by unnoticed. He provided strong evidence for the actual workings in his different published papers, especially in the thought-provoking article on The Golden Section that we published ten years ago and proudly reprise here, with Christiane Landscheidt's permisssion. It is a rueful reminder of the intelligence we have so recently lost. He was close to proving that it is the O and its ever-changing relationship to the different members of the planetary system that is the force that animates the horoscope. There is no smoke and mirrors mystique, no need for any as-above-so-below synchronicity, there are clear physical connections even if physicists have so far been unable to recognize them. Movements of the planets occur as they do because of the gravitational pull of the G. In turn, where they are, how concentrated they are in their different orbits, causes the solar forces to be reflected back and this prompts physical changes in the O itself—a billiard-ball affect. Theodor was able to predict different levels of solar activity—solar flares, sun spots and magnetic storms— from the combined positions of the planets in their orbits, predictions that have proven to be correct. In turn, he successfully predicted the appearances of El Nino and La Nina, the irregular warming and cooling of the Pacific waters off the coast of Peru, and much else, based on his accurate forecasts of solar activity.

And, as we all know, the differences between the O signs are directly related to the seasons, which in turn are due to our planet's tilted orbit about the O.

Combine the known effects of the O on our life on earth with the changes in our star's magnetism due to the varying positions of the planets and, to my mind, we have the basis for a physical explanation of the workings of astrology.

Theodor Landscheidt - The Golden Section: A Cosmic Principle