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Stars of the population I, "конденсатные" of a star

From the point of view of the author, the population of the galactic disk(disc) represents a mix(mixture) of two developmental lines of stars:

Really, "конденсатные" of a star, conduct a beginning from cosmic dust and microcomets, through аккрецию of the condensed substance to free planets юпитерианского of a type, and further, through infrared(infra-red) dwarfs to stars ГП.

The business in that except for оптически of visible stars in a Galaxy exists still large weight of stars which are not radiating visible light. Only recently, with launch of space telescopes of space basing it became clear, that main(basic) weight of stars are red, brown (infrared)((infra-red)) dwarfs. That is the function of distribution of sidereal weights Солпитера is same fundamental in an astrophysics, as the law Гуттенберга - Рихтера in seismology, and is distributed far beyond optical range. What this function shows? - she(it) shows, that the number of stars meets weight in n of time less in n 2 Than time is more often.

These whence undertake invisible протозвезды?

The modern astrophysicses are engaged in searches мифической " of a dark matter ", speculative imaginations and мистификациями on this account. Actually secret " of a dark matter " at all secret. The significant(sizeable) part of weight of a galaxy is made by(with) interstellar dust which is not giving reflections, neither essential absorption, nor lines in a spectrum. This dust - product of explosions supernew. Its(her) structure is close to earth basalts. Basically, basalts is and there is a substance of explosion supernew. This dust derivates comets, planetary bodies and stars of Main sequence.

Interstellar dust - special formation(education). At a stage(phase) агрегации of microparticles of dust she(it) forms дендритные structures similar тенётам. Forces, forming them, - electrical field and force Ван-дер-Ваальса. The molecules of a water and гидроксила, in an abundance formed after explosion supernew stick to these "тенёты". Owing to ramified дендритной of structure is kept the plenty of other volatile substances, including easy gases (is absorbed).

Now it any more cosmic dust, and microcomet, peculiar space snow sated with superficially dissolved gases. A dust component in it(him) already in minority. Interstellar space is so sated with microcomets, that they often гостьи in a near space and upper atmosphere. By a high-altitude stratosphere scooping they are investigated already some decades back. Their structure - ice with an impurity(additive) of dust of a different structure on the average appropriate to basalts. Growing together in conditions of weightlessness in larger aggregates - "snowballs", these microcomets form impressive bodies frequently visiting(attending) our solar system. And not only microcomet.

The birthplace of comets, not a Solar system, not мифическое протопланетное a cloud, and dense пылегазовые of a cloud of sleeves of a Galaxy. There they are born, grow and therefrom scatter on a Galaxy.

The comets of the impressive sizes constantly visit(attend) a Solar system and Earth. The rests(remainders) of a huge comet absorbed by Saturn in the astronomically recent past, we notice as snow rings of this planet.

In 1908 in Siberia the huge comet has falled which on tradition name " Тунгусским as a meteorite ". However, according to the data of many researchers, including decisive results of the microphysical and chemical analysis which has been carried out(spent) Russian планетологом Е.В. Дмитриевым is a comet [61].

Absolutely recently we observed a comet Шумейкер-Леви, dropping on Jove. In a Solar system set of "asteroids" having the cometary past. Their density which is not exceeding 1 kg / дм 3 Does not leave in it of doubts. As is established by researches Е.В. Дмитриева, comet more often гостьи of our planet, rather than was considered till now. Straight lines chemical researches of the cometary substance which has been carried out(spent) by him(it) [62], have shown, that a structure of comets, though varies, but does not differ from earth and lunar rocks such as basalts, that allows to make a cosmogonic conclusion(injection) about a generality of an origin of celestial bodies of the galactic disk(disc) (" the population I "). All substance of planets and stars is a product аккреции by them of comets.

I shall note, that the interstellar origin of comets was open Иоганном by the Kepler 400 years back, but his(its) reasons have shown to scientific crowd insolvent, and she(it) till now follows the false theories Галлея, Оорта and иже with them. In an astrophysics till now reign contradicting to the law of preservation of substance a myth about local, inside a solar system, origin of comets, and contradicting to the laws of steady motion of the celestial mechanics a myth about a cometary belt behind last planet. " A Belt Койпера " - only distant planetary niches(wells), the formation of planets in which lingers over by weakness of forces of a gravitation and instability of these niches(wells) because of the reference(reversal) of the Sun around of center of a Galaxy.

Wandering in boundless space of billions years, the comets on the sly grow, yet вырастут up to the size of Jove, or not поглотятся by gravitational holes of other celestial bodies, becoming their part.

So the second developmental line of stars - конденсатные, originating not from space beams(rays), plasma and gas of an extragalactic origin, as stars Кельвина, and from " of space snow " - microcomets and comets is formed. This beginning of Main sequence, which graceful line hundred years back have seen Герцшпрунг and Рессел, formation the diagram colour - светимость.

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