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  1. New Atlantis. Begun by the Lord Verulam St. Albans and continuted by R. H. Esquire. L.. 11660. 126 p.
  2. An Attempt for the Explication of the phenomena, observable in an experiment published by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq.; In the XXXV Experiment of his Epistolical Discourse touching the Aire. In Confirmation of a former Conjecture made by R. H. L., 1661. 56 p. Facs. reprod. Gunther vol. 10.
  3. A discourse of a New Instrument to make more accurate observations in Astronomy, that ever were yet made. L., 1661.
  4. Reponse de Monsieur Hook aux considerations de M. Auzout. Contenne dans une lettre ecrite a l'auteur des Philosophical Transactions, et quelques lettres ecrites de part et d'autre sur le suget desgrandes Lunetes / Traduite A. d'Angloise. P., 1665. 36 p.
  5. Micrographia: Or some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries thereupon. L., 1665. 146 p.
  6. Facs. reprod. Gunther vol. 13. Reissue with new title-page, 1667. Micrographia Restaurata: Or, the Copper-Plates of Dr. Hooke's Wonderful Discoveries by the Microscope, Reprinted and fully Explained. L., 1745.
  7. An Attempt to Prove the Motion of the Earth from Observations. L., 1674.
  8. Animadversions on the first part of the Machina Coelestis of Johannes Hevelius; together with an Explication of some Instru ments. L., 1674.
  9. A Description of Helioscopes and some other Instruments. L., 1676.
  10. Lamps: Or, Description of some Mechanical Improvements of Lamps and waterpoises. Together with some other Physical and Mechanical Discoveries. L., 1677.
  11. Lectures De Potentia Restitutiva or of Spring explaining the Power of springing Bodies. L., 1678.
  12. Lectures and Collections. L., 1678.
  13. Lectiones Cutlerianae, or a Collection of Lectures: Physical, Mechanical, Geographical and Astronomical. L., 1679.
  14. Conamen ad motum telluris probandum. L., 1679.
  15. The Posthumous Works of Robert Hooke, M.D.F.R.S., Containing the Cutlerian Lectures, and other Discourses, Read at the Meetings of the Illustrous Royal Society. Published by Richard Waller, Roy. Soc. Seer. L., 1705. Facs. reprod. L., 1971.
  16. Philosophical Experiments and Observations of the late Eminent Dr. Robert Hooke, F.R.S. and other Eminent Virtuoso's of his time. Published by W. Derham. L., 1726.
  17. The Diary of Robert Hooke, 1672—1680. Transcribed from the Original in the Possession of the Corporation of the City of London (Guildhall Library) / Ed. by Henry W. Robinson, Librarian of the Royal Society and Walter Adams. With a Foreward by Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, President of the Royal Society. L., 1935.
  18. Later Diary, 1688—1693 (2 parts: 1 Nov. 1688 — 9 March 1690; 6 Dec. 1692 — 8 Aug. 1693) / Ed. R. T. Gunther. Early science in Oxford. Oxford, 1935, vol. X, p. 69—265.
  19. Fragments of Diary, Gunther, ibid. Oxford, 1930, vol. VII, p. 577 (Oct. 1681), p. 591—592 (Mar. 1682), p. 600—601 (July 1682 —17 Oct. 1682), p. 602 (27 Oct.—1 Nov. 1682), p. 605 (27 Dec. 1682), p. 622 (22 Sept. 1683), p. 759 (1 June 1695).


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