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Planets and planetary systems

The in-depth criticism муссируемого 200 years Лапласова of a myth протопланетного of the cloud which has generated a Solar system, is stated to the author in activities [63, 64]. The really planetary systems are formed for times about billions years, as density of interstellar environment(Wednesday) even in galactic sleeves is extremely small.

The reason of formation(education) of planetary systems has absolutely other nature. As is found out by the author, around of any celestial body located in a gravitational field стороннего of the greater body, for example, star in a field of a galaxy, the gravitational niches(wells) are formed, in which the interstellar substance accumulates.

The parameters of niches(wells) are determined by the formula [64]

R i = (3·2 i-3 +1) gM / v 2 trans , [m]

Where i = 1, 2, 3: - natural number (number of an orbital niche(well)),

g - gravitational constant, M - weight of a star,

v trans - Speed of a transit flow of an ether to galactic center.

That the niches(well) were stable, that is for formation(education) of planets from interstellar substance, the constancy of speed of an ether to center of a galaxy is necessary. This property have only stars of the galactic disk(disc) having almost circular orbits. For that all from them should have the planetary systems.

The planets юпитерианского of a type are originally formed, which chemical structure is identical to a chemical structure of interstellar substance. The planets of an earth type are formed at explosion of their star "new", when the high-power водородно-helium atmospheres of internal planets evaporate by radiation of a star [63].

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